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Common Bail Bonds Questions

How is the bail bond premium calculated in Van Nuys?
The Department of Insurance sets the legal rate of bail bonds at a minimum of 8%, 10%, or up to 15% maximum applied to the penal bail amount set by the court.

Please explain exactly what Bail Bonds are? The term Bail is used in several distinct senses: (1) It may mean the security-cash or bond-given for the appearance of the prisoner. (2) It may mean the bondsman (i.e., the person who acts as surety for the defendant's appearance, and into whose custody the defendant is released). (3) As a verb, it may refer to the release of the defendant (he was bailed out). The first meaning is the most common and should be employed for clarity. Admission to bail is the order of a competent court that the defendant be discharged from actual custody upon bail. The discharge on bail is accomplished by the taking of bail (i.e., the acceptance by the court or magistrate of security-either an undertaking or deposit-for the appearance of the defendant before a court for some part of the criminal proceeding). Bail is evidenced by a bond or recognizance, which ordinarily becomes a record of the court. The bond is in the nature of a contract between the state on one side and the defendant and his sureties on the other. The agreement basically is that the state will release the defendant from custody the sureties will undertake that the defendant will appear at a specified time and place to answer the charge made against him. If the defendant fails to appear, the sureties become the absolute debtor of the state for the amount of the bond.

Do you have to use a Van Nuys bondsman? The defendant, or any other person, may deposit the sum mentioned in the bail order or bail schedule. Cash is accepted, and it is the practice for each court to adopt a written policy permitting acceptance of checks or money orders, upon conditions that tend to assure their validity, in payment of bail deposits. Some courts have a maximum amount over which a personal check will not be accepted. Depending upon the jurisdiction, government bonds may be accepted.

Why does California have bail bonds? The purpose of a bail bond is to assure the appearance of the accused, when their presence is required in court. Bail is not a means of punishing a defendant, nor should there be a suggestion of revenue to the government.

Is bail a legal right? Although the right to bail has constitutional recognition in the prohibition against excessive bail, bail is not always a matter of right. However, with certain exceptions a defendant charged with a criminal offense shall be released on bail. Persons charged with capital crimes when the facts are evident or the presumption of guilt is great, are excepted from the right to release on bail. However, a defendant charged with a capital crime is entitled to a bail hearing in the trial court to determine whether the facts are evident or the presumption great. A crime is a capital offense if the statute makes it potentially punishable by death or life imprisonment, even if the prosecutor / government has agreed not to seek the death penalty. It is presumed that the risk of flight of the defendant is great when he or she is facing death or life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Is the Public Safety considered in the decision to admit a defendant to bail, or to deny Bail? Bail can be denied in certain non-capital cases based upon a finding of substantial likelihood of harm to others. When the facts are evident or the presumption great, bail may be denied in the following instances: In felony cases involving acts of violence, or felony sexual assault offenses on another person, if the court finds on clear and convincing evidence that there is a substantial likelihood that the release of the accused would result in great bodily harm to others. In a felony case, if the court finds on clear and convincing evidence that the accused has threatened another with great bodily harm, and that there is a substantial likelihood that the accused would carry out the threat if released. The requirement of findings based on clear and convincing evidence implies that a hearing will be held on the issue. If there is existence of a substantial likelihood of public harm it would be determined on the basis of the specific circumstances of the case and prior history of the defendant. The decision to grant or deny bail is subject to review on petition by the defendant.

What if the defendant is sentenced to probation?
A defendant who is convicted and given probation is released from custody, and the bail bond must be exonerated.

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