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Los Angeles County Jail Information and Resource Page

We provide service at the Los Angeles County Jail and all Los Angeles jails and Police Departments. When a person is arrested in Los Angeles they will most likely be taken to the LA County Jail or a local Los Angeles Police Department depending on the area they were arrested in.

Many of the smaller city jails and police departments will not hold a person for very long. If you are considering posting bail for a person that is in a Los Angeles city jail or Police Department we recommend you call us quickly. Many of the jails will transfer a defendant to the Los Angeles County Jail if they get too crowded. Often times we can call the jail to let them know that we are on our way to post the bail bond and not to transfer the person to county jail. This will save you a lot of time since once a person is transferred to LA County Jail it will take them on the average 12 hours before they can get out.

LA County Jail receives defendants from all other as well as all Los Angeles Courts. When the smaller jail police departments get too crowded they will either take a person to court or transfer them to LA County Jail. Any person who has gone to court or is going to court in Los Angeles County will eventually be transferred to the LA County Jail.

The Jail is under the supervision of the Los Angeles County Jail Sheriffs Department. LA County Sheriffs are responsible for all 50 LA County Courts, and LA County Jails and Detention Centers. There are approximately 30 LA Sheriffs Facilities and substations throughout Los Angeles. More than 2000 LA County sheriff deputies and civilians work for the Court Services Division alone. The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department is the largest sheriff's department in the world.

Persons being detained for charges from another county will be transferred to LA County Jail and eventually transferred to the County where their charges are from. If you wish to post bail for someone in this type of situation you may do so anytime, you do not have to wait for the person to get transferred to the originating county.


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